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Q: I have bonus money in my account, but when I try and play a game it says I have insufficient funds?
A: Bonus money can only be used in certain games. Please refer to the terms & conditions of the promotion.

Q: I forgot my password?
A: When you click on Login, you will see a link that pops up saying ‘Forgotten Password’. Please click on this and follow the instructions.


We always try to ensure full compatibility occasionally there could be a problem. With the internet a lot of these can be fixed by simply refreshing the page. Should this not work next step is the clearing of cookies and the cache on your chosen browser.

Here is a link to a list of the more popular browsers and how you can do just that:’s-Cache
Should you continue to have problems with a particular browser we advise you try an alternative, if problems persist feel free to drop us an email describing what the issue is and we will assist the best we can.

It is always useful in these circumstances to take a screen shot of the problem you are having, links to how can be found here:


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